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"When Communication Counts"

What previous attendees have said about the workshop

"It is so nice to talk and be heard."
~Daniel Wyatt, Patrolman

"Caused me to look at what drives communication and conflict. I think this is a valuable communication tool. Faciltators' style and delivery is fun and solicits learning in an engaging way."
~ Bev Ashton, IDJC liaison, District 5 office, Twin Falls

"I would recommend this to my peers, family, and while work teams."
~Drug Court Coordinator

"I've been able to use these new tools already to help me in my life, to stop stressing so much, to listen and not take ownership of others' problems. The only thin I would add is one more day! This is a retreat for my mind and soul. I got a lot out of how to identify needs so the rollercoaster ride of feelings can stop!"

"This class gave me a better outlook on dealing with people. It was TOTALLY different than I expected! I would recommend it to my entire staff. You might think about extending the length of the class to 4 or 5 days."
~ Sergeant Robert "Bear" Dachtler

"This was a fun enivornment where were able to see other ways to respond and hear in a conflict situation."
~Independent Business Owner

"This class gave me the exact steps to go through for managing conflict. It is helpful to learn how to communicate your needs in a non-threatening way. I enjoyed your creativity in using auditory, visual, and sound for different forms of learning."
~Workshop Participant

"I would recommend this to people in any career. I'm so glad I came! This material is relevant personally and professionally. The training materials are great. I love using the wall chart and lasers. It was a very productive time."
~ Karen Hamm (school director)

"I appreciated your positive energy ~ the ability to model with such a diverse population. You met my need for hope as I watched your interactions with people who usually avoid dealing with feelings."
~Terry Cassity, mental health at Veteran's Administration Medical Center

  "Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and making this learning environment authentic, safe, and fun! You've both given me a lot of information and tools to make my world a happier, more peaceful, and more productive place!
~Leann Parker, Business Owner

"What really opened my eyes was various ways to respond to conflict and how I often choose to respond. Your hands on demonstrations were very helpful."
~Lorinda Holm, Jail Cook Supervisor, Ada County Sheriff's Office

"This was an excellent class that will impact my relationships both at work and in my private life in a very positive manner. You both have a miraculous way of getting the entire class genuinely involved, especially those forced to attend instead of playing on their day off!"
~Training Coordinator

"I would recommend this workshop to all supervisors and managers. I'm walking away with an important tool -- handling ME!! Good job!"
~Operations Officer

"I have gained perspective and tools to use in managing conflict and more importantly, preventing conflict. I expected a rigid structure but was pleasantly surprised that the group dynamics set muc of the structure."
~Lee H. Velton, Kitchen Supervisor, Ada County Sheriff's Office

"Did not seem like 6 hour days each day. Very, very interesting stuff. As an older person set in my ways, I'm feeling my mind opening. I love the class... best I've had in a long time!"
~Al Bergnan

"I'm excited about what I learned in this class. I'm walking away with new problem solving skills. I would recommend this workshop to other mediators."

"Recently, three of our employees attended your conflict management course at POST. They all came back raving about what they got out of the course and there has been a noticeable change in their handling of relations with others."
~Jaime Martinez, Telecommunications Specialist / EMD Coordinator Bonner County DEM / 911 / EMS