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  About Giraffe Juice

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   What Is Giraffe   Juice ???

•   Why giraffes?
      •   Tell me about Giraffe Juice!
           •   What will happen if I drink Giraffe Juice?

Why Giraffes?

Just try to run over a giraffe!
They have the largest heart of any land mammal.
Being so tall, they have great perspective of the landscape. They see others, as well as themselves.

We love to have fun, and we've noticed that people learn quicker when they are laughing and enjoying themselves. Using the metaphor of giraffes and giraffe juice allows us to be more playful in sharing our communication tools.

Tell me about Giraffe Juice...

Giraffe Juice feeds giraffes. We imagine that everyone has an inner giraffe that is wanting to be nourished. Adult giraffes are happy creatures ~ they get all their needs met while supporting others in doing the same. People enjoy being around giraffes because they're doing what they love and their spirit is infectious. They're team players while making choices that work best for them. They don't give or hear criticism or blame. They have a pack of tame jackals that accompany them and protect them. Even though the jackals used to bite the giraffes in the legs, because they're tame now, they entertain the giraffes with their playfulness.

Succinctly, Giraffe Juice brings more ease into life because it allows us to express ourselves and be heard as well as allowing us to hear others accurately.

Drinking Giraffe Juice regularly just might . . .
Save your marriage

Get you a raise

Create harmony between you and your co-workers

Resolve the conflict between you and your neighbor

Create inner peace

Create ease and harmony


Increase the pleasure between you and your mate

Help you do what you love all the time

Bring balance into your life

Help you end

Make it fun for people to give to you

Create radiant health

Increase the amount of fun you have every day

Allow you and your kids to enjoy being around each other

Melt resistance

Give you clarity

Save you years of going down the wrong path
Make you smile

Increase your

Attract the people you want in your life

Create opportunities for you

Prevent anger and frustration

The only known side effects are increased aliveness, energy, and joy.

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