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"When Communication Counts"


Learning Outcomes
  • Understand why people shut down and stop receiving communication
  • Familiarity with tools for keeping communication open
  • Understand how to clear the RECEIVING side of the communication channel - yours and others
    --Know how to receive without agreeing
    --Know how to receive without taking responsibility for the other person's emotions or needs
  • Understnad how to send difficult messages so others can hear you
  • Basic Needs Literacy
  • Familiarity with various strategies for dealing with anger
  • Understand conflicts -- cause, escalation, de-escalation
  • Identify role emotions play
  • Familiarity with methods for transforming emotions
  • Ability to say NO and have other party satisfied
  • Ability to receive NO and achieve satisfaction
  • Familiarity with RealTalk technology: 4 step model
  • Be able to differentiate:
    --observation v evlaution
    --needs v strategy
    --empathy v other responses
    --neutral words v blaming words
    --feelings from opinions and states of being
  • Skill Building:

  • transform ongoing or potential conflicts into collaborative dialogues
  • resolve conflicts by finding solutions that meet everyone's needs
  • break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression
  • build relationship based on respect
  • strengthen skills in both sending and receiving difficult communication
  • make requests that increase the likelihood of getting what you really want
  • get voluntary agreements in conflict situations without compromise
  • give high-octane empathy